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  • Calculation of move- ment through energy

  • Numerical solution of
    the Lagrangian

  • Simpler models in comparison to Newton-II for more complex force relationships

Version 2.1 of May 22, 2019

Click on the logo of your operating system to download the appropriate version.


OSX / macOS


Windows Vista mit Java 8

ab OS X 10.5 mit Java 8

Linux mit installiertem Java 8

  1. Extract the zip file “Lagrange_Win.zip” from your download location.
  2. Start the program “Lagrange.exe”.
  1. If not done automatically by the browser, extract the zip file “Lagrange_Mac.zip” from your download location
  2. Start the program “Lagrange”.
  1. Open and extract the zip file “Lagrange_Jar.zip” from your download location.
  2. Switch to the unzipped folder in the command line and start the program with the command “java-jar Lagrange.jar”

New in this version

- Oracle Special Functions removed from Java 8 or later
- Upgrade to new formula interpreter library (computing speed gain up to a factor of 3)
- With "Quit" all projects are closed with standard queries
- When closing the last document (without Quit), the welcome window will be displayed
- Discontinued image formats (EPS, EMF, GIF) have been removed
- Window of additional definitions is now scalable
- Added axis labeling in the 3D diagram
- The initial query for new documents has been removed
- The plotted variables of the axes are now retained when reactivated
- 't' can now be used as variable in a module
- Various bug fixes in the GUI
(a complete version overview is included in the download)

Java Download

We recommend the Java implementation of AdoptOpenJDK or AMAZON, which are available for all PC platforms.

These implementations are free for all customers..