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Version 2.5 of June 12, 2020

Click on the logo of your operating system to download the appropriate version.


OSX / macOS

System requirements

Windows with Java 8 or higher
(Windows 10 & Java 11 recommended)

OS X 10.9 with Java 8 or higher
(macOS & Java 11 recommended)

Linux with Java 8 or higher
(Java 11 recommended for HiRes support)

  1. Start the installer „setupFluxion.exe“ imin your download folderto installe the program on your current user account.
  2. Confirm the end user agreement and follow the instructions.
  3. Start "Fluxion.exe" by double-clicking.
NOTE: An installer for all users of your computer can be found here (Admin rights required).
  1. If not done automatically by the browser, open the "Fluxion.dmg" file in your download folder.
  2. After confirming the end-user agreement, drag the "Fluxion" program into the program folder or anywhere on your hard drive.
  3. Start "Fluxion" by double-clicking.
  1. Unzip the file "Fluxion_Jar.zip" in your download folder.
  2. Move the extracted folder to the desired location in your user folder.
  3. Depending on the configuration of the installed Java, either start with a double click, via the context menu or via the terminal. To do this, switch to the Fluxion folder in the command line and start the program with "java -jar Fluxion.jar".

New features and improvements:

- It is now possible to display several model solutions in one diagram.
- You can now display the values ​​of all in the model defined variables in a self-definable table.
- Support for scaling the user interface has been improved. It now includes the tables and, if desired, the graph display.
- You can now use a template file for new documents and apply it to old documents (three templates are included).
- The model settings have been revised and various options for setting graph parameters across the board have been added.
- The program settings have been expanded (GUI scaling, tooltip setting, template selection)
- The display of comparison functions and comparison values has been improved.
- High-resolution monitors (HiDPI or Retina) are now fully supported (Java 9+ needed). -> high resolution of icons and graphs.
- Tracking changes to the model has been improved.
- Legends are now displayed in all coordinate systems and also printed.
- The resolution when printing was improved.
- Various other minor improvements to the user interface and bug fixes
You can download the complete history here.