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  • Calculation of
    mechanical movements

  • Clear graphical output

  • Interactive solutions using parameter sliders

Modell%20LC Schwingkreis

Newton-II allows a direct representation of the solutions by simply entering a force equation.

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By rapid numerical calculation of the quantities of acceleration, velocity, and position, Newton-II makes it very easy achieve your goal thus quickly obtain an overview of the behavior of mechanical system.


NL Maschinen

The differential equation is programmed in such a way that, from the acceleration a, the velocity v and hence the position s are calculated over time. The input of the acceleration a can be done directly or by means of arbitrarily connected terms and expressions (system of equations).

The solution method implemented is, among others, a numerically very robust 4th order Runge-Kutta method with step size control. The output of the results is done both graphically and as a value table, which can be exported for further analysis.

Particularly noteworthy are the ability to enter any (1 to 3 - dimensional) force laws and the interactive change of any number of parameters using sliders. Furthermore, the graphical representation can be altered in a very intuitive manner with the mouse, and the solutions can also be displayed in the value table.

When designing the program, special attention was paid to clarity and user-friendliness, making it suitable for lecture purposes, as well as for practice and self-study.